Apr 20, 2010

Dream Jeanie...

Jill and I went out for dinner with Jean (of Nortel fame, mover and shaker in the glass community) to Queen Margherita Pizza, a new place in my hood (Queen St East & Greenwood).  The food was great and it was fun to go out and talk about all things glass... you know because it can get tiring for the boyfriends sometimes!
There are a few projects we've been wanting to help facilitate with Nortel and now we have a plan to help fuel the Bullseye Glass buzz...  we just love it so much and think it's a fantastic glass to work with that we want to share the love with everyone - hopefully our students too!
I you're a flameworker and you've never tried working with Bullseye Glass, we think it's a premium product and we highly recommend working with it.
The Bullseye team has improved their line of flameworking rods significantly since I remember first trying them out when I was at Sheridan, almost 12 years ago but really I was drawn over to the dark side (hah) when I was invited to participate in a group  show Currency at the Bullseye Gallery in 2004.  Ever since then I've been hooked!

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