Jul 28, 2009

Cross it off the list! TOAE 2009.

The Toronto Outdoor Show was great this year. I worked very hard leading up to it making many new pieces, solo work and collaborative jewelry with Cynthia. I'm also excited about and old style I'm revisiting, one of my favorite styles, the In Circles painted beads. (pendant below)
The weather was great for the most part, we had a real downpour of rain on Saturday morning but that's to be expected at least once during the show! It cleared up pretty quickly and the sun came out to dry us all off! Thanks to Jill for being a great helper, she was my right hand woman this year, and I couldn't have done it without her.

I think I've finally recovered from the show and the studio looks fantastic right now with all the new work. We also had the pleasure of meeting Jewelry artist Emily Gill at the Outdoor Show, and we're excited to be carrying her work (brooches below.) Congrats to her on winning Best Jewelry this year at TOAE! Emily's work is fabulous, bright, colourful, enameled and felted jewelry. Very affordable price points too, come by and check it out!