Feb 27, 2009


TANK Jewelry & Beads Newsletter

We've got a lot of great things up our sleeve this year for spring at TANK jewlery & Beads. Jill and I have been working hard, but also taking some time to explore new things this winter and we can't wait to share with you. Shown above are just a few new projects, a close up of a mobile by Amy, a pendant by Amy & Cynthia and new beads by Jill.
In this letter, I've detailed out some special dates you might want to set aside. Please keep checking our BLOG www.tankstudio.blogspot.com for all the latest (we've been updating more often) and links to shopping online

+ + + + + Also see more class details at the bottom of this email + + + + +

THE LIVING ARTS CENTRE - Beadmaking Level 2 with Amy Johnson
Mississauga ON - April 22nd to June 24th, Wednesday evenings 7-10pm
Contact the Living Arts Centre to sign up

GUEST TEACHER - MASTER BEADMAKER Kristina Logan May 16th & 17th.
We only have ONE space left so act soon if you are interested in taking this class. It's going to be fantastic! Kristina is one of the most respected glass beadmakers out there, and her work speaks for itself!

FUSION - Clay & Glass Association - ANNUAL CONFERENCE May 22nd
Jill and I will be teaching a one day class as part of the 2009 Fusion Conference. You can find more info on their website.

TANK Jewlery & Beads - Classes At Our Shop
+ Currently Running
Beginner 2 series
+ Always Available
Discounted Group/Party Intro Classes
Private Lessons with Amy Johnson
+ Starting March 25th
Intermediate Beadmaking
$285 Inc Materials (10% off for B1 or B2 Students)
Wednesday Evenings 6:30-9:30
March 25th to April 15th
Techniques Covered
- ribbon cane
- simple murinni
- focal beads
- multiple beads (for production)
- marbles
- individual intrest


La Freniere & Pai Gallery - Ottawa ON
+ New collection available April 01 2009
+ The 2nd Commitment Ring Exhibition: "Freedom" May 2009

Contemporary Glass Society
Unpolished – Experimental Glass Jewellery
April to May 2009
An online exhibition of contemporary glass jewellery and body adornment curated by Candice-Elena Greer and displayed on the Contemporary Glass Society's online Gallery.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + FULL CLASS DETAILS + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Kristina Logan Class at TANK
Advanced Beadmaking -- Dot Placement, Precision, & Form
$525 + gst - this includes all materials - May 16th & 17th
This workshop is designed for people who would like to improve their beadmaking skills. A broad spectrum of techniques will be explained and demonstrated - various surface decorations, clear casing, working large beads, and trouble shooting common mistakes and difficulties. Students will also be encouraged to concentrate on individual projects, ask questions, and work towards defining their own specific style. Students will be expected to have had a foundation in the basics of beadmaking.
Contact TANK to sign up

Fusion Conference Class with Jill Cribbin and Amy Johnson
Hands-on Intro Flameworking Workshop - Max 8 students
Friday May 22nd, 9am - 4pm
TANK jewelry + beads Glass Studio,
Toronto Distillery District,
55 Mill St., Bldg 74, Studio 105

Fusion Member Price $150
With 3 Day Conference Ticket $130
Learn to make glass beads with instructor and glass artists Amy Johnson and Jill Cribbin at TANK jewelry+ beads, their Toronto Distillery Historic District studio.
Using oxy-propane torches, participants will make basic glass beads and learn decoration methods. Teacher to FUSION member Sam McKenna, who won an award for her Fireworks 2008 piece that combined clay and glass, Amy Johnson will demonstrate a variety of basic flame-working and simple surface decoration techniques. Instructors Amy and Jill will supervise participants as they make glass beads. Beads will anneal overnight and may be picked up at the studio. A one hour lunch break will allow time to explore the District or dine at a local restaurant.

Feb 22, 2009

Feb 20, 2009

Love Birds!
So here is a little preview of some of the parts for a new project I've been working on for a while in little bits and bobs...stay tuned to see the finished piece shortly! It's all comin' together baby. Just in time for spring too!

Feb 19, 2009

Shiny happy and new...

Our good friend and neighbor at the Distillery District, Emily Hamill made these nice new aprons for Jill and I so we can keep ourselves tidy and keep our clothes burn free, (for the most part!) We LOVE them.

and here is another new pendant from Cynthia and I. I've been wearing a red one that I stole out of the case last week, and it's my new favorite thing.

Feb 15, 2009

Felted Balls

What you do when you can't get to a torch!
Felt Me Balls (Happy post Valentines Day)