Oct 25, 2007


It's very exciting... We have found some excellent VINTAGE LUCITE beads, and are selling them at the shop! Oh my god... they are so juicy looking, I can't wait to make stuff with them. I've been using them in my own jewelry for a while now, and I thought they would be a fun to share.

I'm posting some pictures of the beads we have in our inventory so far, but we're only about half way into it so there is plenty more to come.. with patterns, stripes, and more flowers than your garden!!!

It's all really affordable too, which is the best part! We are selling it both by the strand and individually. It'll range from about $4-$8 per strand or $0.25 -$3 each per bead.

Oct 24, 2007

The History of My Heart...

For years I have been making jewelry and beads inspired by our all important organ. I have been working away on new items for christmas and again, I've come back to my favorite place. So I thought it would be fun to share my little collection of hearts.

Here's a little history on my work... and how the heart is very much tied into so many of my designs.

stuck on you... circa 2001

sucker rings...circa 2001

sucker necklace detail... circa 2001

tubes of you necklace... circa 2002

complete heart ring (collaboration with cynthia archer) circa 2003

paradise painted heart pendants... circa 2004

thinking cap pin... circa 04

anatomical heart pendant... 2007

heart droplet pendants... 2007

lillipad heart ring... circa 2006

black heart... 2007

Oct 23, 2007


click to enlarge pictures

Michele Goldstein Visits TANK

This past weekend our good friend Michele Goldstein from Salem Oregon came to visit and also teach for the first time. All the students loved the class and none of us are sure why Meesh waited so long to start teaching! It was all about making hearts, bones, skulls and buttons. Lots of working both on and off mandrel.

Aside from the classs it was great to hang out and catch up... Meesh is super friendly and hillarious, and she's always got a great story about something her kids are up to. You can check out more of Michele's work on her website and blog.