Apr 20, 2010

Get your greetings here folks... TANK is carrying cards!

It's a perfect fit for Jill and I as we both have a slight obsession for pretty paper products.  It's a fact that the first thing we use to do upon our arrival to Milwaukee, WI (for the annual Bead and Button Show) was go to Broadway Paper, a fantastic paper, cards, sketchbooks and all things colourful and sentimental type shop!  Jill and I have always talked about how we'd love to carry cards, so we thought.. why not?  We had some cards made by our friend Emily Filler (who is also in our building) for an event a while back and they were a big hit... so we're expanding our selection!

We have spent some time going through our card drawers picking over some of our favs and looking online at our most drool worthy letterpress card designers to bring them to you.

So next time are in the need... please come down to the Distillery and paruse our cards, and if you need a little somethin' somethin' to go with that card - we've got you covered for jewelry too!

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