Apr 22, 2010

Oh Maude

This is Maude.  I wouldn't say she's a studio mascot, she's more like a visiting dignitary.

We've figured out that if she's walked to the studio -- her behaviour once she's here is WAAYYY better.
Without the exercise, she's a bit of a goof.  Trevor says it's like trying to pet a squirrel.

Maude has always had a need to have a blanket/towel with her at all times -- kind of like the Peanuts character Linus.  She drags this thing all over the studio, then almost always settles herself directly behind and under Amy's torch chair.  To Amy's credit, she works around the obstacle -- not so easy when you're trying to get a finished piece into the kiln!

The down side about her is that she's just plain sneaky -- not always in a good way.  When anyone puts their hand down to show any kind of affection to her, she does a couple of licks and then every once in a while she'll follow up with an unsuspecting nip.  We're really working on this, cause well it's pretty bad behaviour, no if's and's or buts about it.  A friend of ours recently pointed out that whenever any one approaches the dog, I frantically blurt out "kisses only Maude, kisses only!!"  Wow, how embarrassing.

The up side is, she is so happy to see Amy and Cynthia when we get to the studio.  She's just so thrilled to see them, each and every time.  Quite often, she'll make this crying squeaky noise, reserved for only those that she sees as her family.

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