May 24, 2009

Kristina Logan Class

It was a pleasure to have Kristina Logan teach at our shop recently. It's been many years since I took my first class with her. In Montreal and then at the Corning studio where I was convinced to go to college for glass blowing after having such a life changing experience. It may sound corny, but that's how it happened!
I've been personally inspired by Kristina's work and dedication to her craft as long as I can remember and to watch her work and teach again (with many more years experience) I still stand in awe and feel humbled by her skill.

Kristina is truly one of the best flameworking teachers. The students loved the class and the feedback was fantastic, so much so that we're looking at getting her to come back next year to teach her class about combining glass and silver. Most of Kristina's work combines gold, silver and glass. Please check out more of her work on line at her site

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