May 5, 2009

The Commitment Ring - Freedom

Cynthia and I have some new work in a show at Lafreniere & Pai Gallery in Ottawa. Please go check it out if you are in the area... The ladies at Lafreniere & Pai have a great eye for spectacular jewelry and have one of the best collection in Canada in my opinion!

Here is a little commentary about the work we made for the show.

The Commitment Ring - (theme freedom)

The wearing of rings to signify commitment of various types dates back thousands of years; commitment to spouse, family, friend, country, religion or political organization. Our approach to the theme of Freedom within the realm of commitment rings stems from the idea that one does not need to wear a ring in order to remember or signify one's commitment; the ring exists as a celebratory reminder, not an obligatory device.

Baci (Kiss Blower) Rings - From the Italian Baci, meaning kiss. These inter-active rings are worn with the bead held and protected inside the hand; when you're ready, open up your palm and blow a thousand kisses toward your love.

Love Bird Rings - An ancient symbol of love, fidelity, and freedom, these colourful rings are instantly recognizable as a special symbol, held aloft and proud for all to see.

Complete Heart ring- A colourful rendition of an anatomical heart you can comfortably wear on your hand. Sweet and straightforward, the aorta keep the ring anchored in place. A Proper Heart ring is the meeting place for design, biology and spirituality.

Contra-Bling Rings- These rings speak to the sad legacy of the engagement ring, a sentimental piece of jewelry with good intentions gone horribly awry. Through advertising geared primarily towards women, the diamond industry that arose during the twentieth century ensured that their product should become necessity. While the beauty of diamonds is indisputable, the immense pressure to conform and quantify love in a singular fashion is a total fabrication under strict corporate control. In a single word, it's garbage.

Designed Together - Proper Jewelry

Design team Amy Johnson, glass artist, and Cynthia Archer, metal-smith jeweler, have joined forces to create a line of contemporary jewelry named Proper. The idea to collaborate arose from a desire to challenge the perception of what is seen as precious and wearable today. Proper jewelry is stunning, diverse, and unusual. The wearer feels the weight of the piece and it warms to the body, offering a physical experience when worn.

Working in traditional methods, but with a non-conformist approach to jewelry design, Cynthia and Amy are very deliberate in their choices about why they work with glass and silver. The results of their collaboration reveal a modern aesthetic that unites a sophisticated colour palate, an irreverent sense of humour and detailed craftsmanship.

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