May 4, 2008

Oh That's So Five Years Ago!

Often imitated never replicated...

Glass work above by Tosca Teran - concepts by me (5 years ago)

It's good to see that my ex-studio partner Tosca Teran of nanopod studio (work shown above) is keeping my style alive! I suppose I should take it as a compliment. What else is there to do really, after all I was the one who offered her the opportunity to experiment on my torches when she said wanted to learn flameworking.

Now the age old problem that many artists experience plagues me too... Maybe it means I've really made it as an artist though, now that I'm being knocked off? Who knows but let's look at the bright side right?
To see more of my work check out my website ehmeglass, or look for it in various publications.

Remember to do your research friends, strive for excellence, quality and support the real deals out there!

ps. more fun summer stuff coming very soon.

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