May 6, 2008

Exploring the Forest...

Some fun new ideas I've been playing with lately.

It's been one of those weeks...
Our show opening at Harbourfront was really great and I have some pictures I want to share of some of the other work and exhibitions that were also opening that night. Trevor and I had a fun time and our friend Christy gave us a behind the scenes tour of some of the studios which was neat. We got to see what some of the super talented resident artists are working on.
Jill and I did the TBS show on Saturday which was good, nothing too exciting, I bought some cool powdered glass beads from Ghana which I am in love with.
Sunday night sadly was our last night with Sasha our wonderful dog. She left us on Monday at the age of 15 or so and has moved on, hopefully we'll run into her spirit here and there. That was really sad for me as she was my first and only pet to date and truly one of the most graceful dogs around. We loved her very much.
And to top it all off... yesterday I bit the pavement riding my bike, I fell trying to avoid a cop car, and when I went back over the tracks my wheel got stuck and that was it. I went down hard. Luckily I won't ride without a helmet and no broken bones, just a lot of blood and some nasty road rash. Could have been worse!

Now I'm back to making beads... and on to the next.

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