Sep 18, 2008

Our New Digs...

Since TANK has reopened, Jill and I have been quite busy. Finally we are both working at the torch again and looking forward to having some new designs for sale very soon - just in time for our grand opening!

This past weekend Heather Trimlett came all the way from California to teach a class on Hollow Beads and Vessles which was great, I have to say. Having her in the shop and watching her instruct brought back fond memories of when I took a class with Kristina Logan and Heather at Corning many years ago. It's neat for me because I really relate to her school of though on glass... which makes sense of course, seeing as I was her student. Heather really knows her stuff.

"Heat, Gravity, Volume... the answer to almost any glass question."
Heather Trimlett

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