Apr 30, 2008

Diamonds Aren't Forever.

"Diamonds Aren't Forever"
This necklace (shown almost finished) is for a show that Cynthia and I were invited to. The theme is social mores.

Cynthia and I joined forces 5 years ago to create a line of contemporary jewelry named Proper. The idea to collaborate arose from a desire to challenge the perception of what is seen as precious and wearable today. This show was a perfect opportunity for us to create a fun commentary piece about the ideas that drive the mainstream diamond industry.

Working in traditional methods, but with a non-conformist approach to jewelry design, we are very deliberate in our choices about why we work with glass and silver.
There are many manufacturing processes that are toxic and harmful, or facilitate economic and political strife in other parts of the world. The economics of mainstream gemstones and “precious metal” jewelry has traditionally been one of power, not so much simple supply and demand. By choosing to buy “Proper” jewelry, this power shifts directly to the artists making the work, and gives the wearer the modern advantage.

{It still needs a few more tweaks and there is a ring (not shown) part of the set. We will trim all the long bits of ribbon when we install...}

Show Details:
Harbourfront Centre
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto. ON
Opening - This Friday May 2nd 6pm -9pm
Runs to June 23rd

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