Jan 22, 2008


I'm starting a silversmithing class tomorrow. I can't wait, Jill, another friend of ours and I are taking a class from Cynthia Archer, our studio mate & and resident metal worker.

I aready have ideas for things I want to make... and I know that I am going to need to learn wax carving because many of these items are sculptural and will be better suited to casting... I think. But first some basics, lets not too ahead of ourselves. Cynthia is so meticulous and particular about her work I know we are going to learn a lot! I'll post some doodles, and in progress pictures soon.

Hey just in case you haven't seen this website before, the carrot box is one of the most inspirational places to go when you want to oogle what other talented folks are up to. Everyday there are new photos and plenty of links to great artists. I love seeing such diversity!

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