Oct 1, 2008

Today I had to grab a scarf on my way out the door... I just had a feeling I would need it later. Fall is here apparently, and I could feel it on my bike ride home. It's kind of nice though, I love wearing sweaters and feeling all cuddled up. Plus I have a great collection of handmade scarves and hats. It's a bit of a weakness...that and purses!
As far as work goes, right now Jill and I are working on some custom fused pieces (we'll have pictures later) with lots of twisted cane and murinne inclusions. It's fun to be working on something a little different. It's also getting us excited about doing some new fused jewelry and special holiday gift items. Jill and I have been talking about this for years... I guess we needed a bit of a kick start though. Meanwhile, I've also been filling a small wholesale order, so I'm really looking forward to having that done so I can start on a whole new batch of work for the shop.

On another note, all summer I've been practicing driving standard, it has been mostly a confidence thing for me, and I'm finally feeling good about it. Trevor has been very kind and patient with me, helping me and putting up with my constant questioning when he's in the car...his car. No one else has learned on his car, so I feel pretty lucky. It's so practical thought because I rarely need a car, but now when I do I can use his instead of renting one. It also makes teaching in Missassauga MUCH easier!
Last night I taught at the Living Arts Centre, it was the second week of my second 10 week session. I enjoy teaching there for a number of reasons and because it takes me out of my usual element. Often I get to run into old galss buddies from my Sheridan days and get to meet some new talented folks as well. My class this round is doing well so far, they are all focused and trying hard. I convinced the LAC to extend the classes from 2 hours to 3 hours after the last session and it's made a huge difference. It's so hard to really get into it when you only have two hours and students who've never worked with glass! I can't wait to see how they progress over the next 8 weeks. Below is a picture of some of my students working.

And a few more pics of some happy friends of TANK that came by with their parents on the weekend for our big Opening party... a big success!
first we have Sky and Autum, my friends Kirstin and Dave's kids, and secondly Jill's nieces Rachael and Emma.

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